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Do you inspire yourself - Part 5

And finally the vision …

Still overlooked despite being well written about. This goes before all the other leadership traits as you could compare it to building the patch of your garden before planting.

What’s your mission and vision as a leader? What do you stand for and how does it fit with the organisation you work in? If you're responsible for your company mission does it inspire people to get out of bed in the morning?

So the key question is do you inspire a shared vision for yourself and others? Don’t spend time worrying about the format just work on something that inspires you and live it!

As part of the hypnotherapy in Manchester sessions I want to work with you on that and get it embedded so you feel it inspires you daily. Which is why I love providing brain solutions for new executives and managers to be the best leader they can be. Afterall the world needs inspiring leaders. More importantly do you inspire yourself?

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