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Got promoted - gave up smoking

Julie was fine with smoking. She enjoyed her breaks and her catch ups with colleagues and was really good at her job. Then she got called into the office and got promoted. No-one mentioned smoking but it was in her head. The extra breaks she knew had to go and that’s when she came to hypnotherapy. It wasn’t health , or the money it was her perception albeit it in her head. She with the help of hypnotherapy cut down week by week and felt much better about her profile and then she became a non-smoker with all the other by-products of course like health and extra money for holidays along with her promotion money! Her stop smoking sessions in Manchester turned out to be a win win and her colleagues respected her for it.

When you come to hypnotherapy you want to decide what the driver is behind the change and of course it's not the same for everyone. The stop smoking sessions can be a key part of the self esteem and confidence programme.


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