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Leadership Part 4 - Encourage the emotional aspect of your team.

Updated: Mar 13

Leadership Part 5 - Encourage the emotional aspect of your team.

Otherwise known as encouraging the heart or why should I work for you.

This goes together with all the leadership principles so far and its becoming ever important as people opt for a lifestyle career rather than just the money. The basic stuff is of course the HR dream, flexible working , extra benefits, self development.

However this does not always covers the basic leading and motivating of your team. Making them feel wanted and more importantly that they are contributing to the overall mission and goal of the company. If you have a voucher scheme, use it, and don’t give the minimum, make it feel special. Sending a thankyou note does not even cost much but is often overlooked as is giving them an extra day off.

All these things are within your gift even if the big corporate machine says they are not.

In terms of self esteem and confidence being at the core of you with the help of hypnotherapy in Manchester you automatically feel its ok to give more, honor more and not live up to the so called "be a tough manager" image.

In terms of yourself this can be done through the session focused on goals but can also be a sign of how you have been treated in the past. Encourage your teams and its hearts, you won’t regret it and probably keep the best people working with you.

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