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Leadership Part Three - Walking the talk ( pizza)

Otherwise known as Modeling the Way it means just that set the example of behavior you want to see in others.

So it was known as Thunder Thursday ( non-stop rain and flooding) in Newcastle and the team were stranded putting out the best information and content to help people. ( I was in a senior leadership role in the media)

As a leader I could have picked up the phone, made the tea and just locked myself up in an office somewhere. ( I know leaders who do this!).

My instinct said something different. It said get off your backside and walk across a field to buy loads of pizza. Getting to the shop was like a disaster movie and no no-one could deliver. They were hungry and it was down to me.

When I managed to get the pizza I realised there were too many to carry so I convinced the kebab shop owner who was a star to drive me over fields to get the food back.

The funny thing was people talked about it for ages. It turned out that it's the very thing they needed, pizza! When your confidence and self esteem is high you can take an off the wall decision and not care what people think because you know it's the right thing to do.

You set an example - you model the way just as you enable others to act

Hypnotherapy can help you instill the leadership process in your brain so that it comes a natural instinct and working together you can map out your leadership style and yes it sometimes means pizza!

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