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Leadership Part Two - Be comfortable allowing others to do their best.. After making things better

After making things better as a leader ( challenging the process ) and being comfortable with your goals process and the hypnotherapy sessions of confidence and self -esteem, one of the key aspects of leadership is allowing others to act. Many managers feel they have to hold a tight grip and I guess that can be true in a deadline environment.

However, what if your vision and mission inspires people and people want to do their best for you as a leader? After all people buy people and that’s true of leadership. Being comfortable with your own levels of confidence as well as self-esteem and a clear goal can empower those around you to do their best work. Have they got the right tools and feedback, the appreciation because if so they are more likely to want to do their best.

It's a bit like gardening. Create the space where the plant wants to grow and then let them grow. If your levels of self-esteem and confidence are well helped by hypnotherapy in Manchester then you will see people do want to follow you. So the bottom line - enable your team to act and get out of the way.

Next Modelling the Way or Walking the Talk.

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Next Modelling the Way or Walking the Talk.


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