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Manchester hypnotherapy and anxiety stress

Manchester hypnotherapy and stress

There is no doubt that more new managers and executives are experiencing stress and anxiety but what are the signs.

It is of course possible that the origins of anxiety can come from anywhere and as much as we would like to leave our problems at the work office door that’s not always possible. However hypnotherapy in Manchester can help.

So the symptoms of anxiety to watch out for include ( don’t you love lists)

Cold or sweaty hands

You may laugh cry or giggle

You may have become restless and clumsy and people notice at work.

Funny feeling in the stomach and or it feels “knotted”.

You become anxious, confused or forgetful.

Or course there are many more however the main point is that this becomes part of your everyday work life. As one executive said to me “I thought this came with the job!” Hypnotherapy in Manchester can help with anxiety and look for the cause rather than the symptoms.

Any easy first step, clock the symptom and acknowledge it with the thankyou. It's Important feedback and of course I does not have to be this way.


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