• Phil Roberts Coach

More advice emails that you can handle?

So how do you deal with all the advice on email right now?

I certainly don’t need another email telling me how to work from home!

The difference for me when I trained as a coach was being able to be asked the question “what do you want now?”. Part of my role as an NLP coach and Hypnotherapist based in Manchester UK is to ask questions rather than tell you want to do.

And guess what we have all had an issue so we have popped out to the pub or bar for friendly advice from a mate where with the best intentions they tell you what to do!

In coaching I start with the premise that my client has all the resources that they need to make a decision. In mentoring that's not the case and of course that’s the job of a mentor. At a time of crisis it feels one of the best resources we could ask you right now are in "questions".

How are you right now? Take a moment to be with yourself.

What resources do you need right now?

Where will you find those resources as you move forward?

Whar resources internally do you have right now?

What’s the long term implications of this?

In my experience you have the resources within you already or can find out where to find them without constantly checking your email and placing yourself on every course going. You have all the resources you need so use them and that’s the power of coaching.


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