• Phil Roberts Coach

The art of leadership part 1 - challenging the process

One of the key things leaders and new managers want to do is have the confidence to be able to make change. Done carefully this can create a new rebirth in terms of trends and customer patterns, and of course done badly you can end up chucking the baby out with the bathwater.

In hypnotherapy I work with a couple of sessions which can help this and one which is confidence and remember confidence can be arranged. However the other is creating a really well formed outcome which can be used in a goal session. Clear goals are key as it the 2PF’s is it plausible, possible and fair to others.

A well formed outcome can tie into the mission and vision for yourself and your organisation and of course is key to leadership at any level which is celebrating what works and challenging what can be improved. Hypnotherapy here in Manchester combined with coaching a well formed outcome can really help your leadership goals at any level. Challenge the process and keep what works.

Next time - Enabling other to act is more than just delegation.


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