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The story of the guy who did not know the war was over ( fight or flight)

Have you ever had the "wobble?

I once saw a movie where some post war adventurers landed their boat on a desert island. The sea was calm and it was going well, however as they pulled their rather lacklustre dinghy up onto the golden white sand bullets started to come firing at them in all directions. The noise was as loud as it was sudden.

It turned out that despite the war being over the bullets were being fired by a sniper / army corporal who had been based there in the war. It was slightly bizarre as treaties had been signed and the war was well and truly over! However he was following his original orders to defend and no-one had told him the war was over. He was isolated from the outside world.

In terms of the brain however we know that it has been programmed to behave in terms of survival. This can be related to us in everyday life especially when there is a crisis. It's called “flight or fight '' and it is what we have had programmed into us since the early days, when people lived in caves where food and resources were tight. We were programmed to survive.

When the recent covid-19 crisis jumped upon us many people messaged me to say they had had a “wobble”. It could be anxiety, sweating, tears, feeling spaced out, increased energy or numerous physical signs that we are preparing to fight or flight. In modern day times I call this a “wobble”.

Once I explained to people that the “wobble” was normal and where it stemmed from they seemed relieved. The first thing I suggested was that they there were working perfectly, it was called being human. Secondly it was their fight or flight mechanism kicking in and finally learning to say “thank you” to that feeling and that you're working perfectly. You're human!

Once you know that you can begin the process of learning how we react in a modern day environment and there are plenty of tools for doing so. So say thank you to that feeling and you are well on the way. #covid-19 #therapy #hypnotherapymanchester #flightorflight

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